There is no magic button!


I work as an animator.  When I tell people this they usually get quite excited “Wow, that must be a great job!” they say “So what kind of things do you draw?”. “Well…” I explain “I don’t really draw anything, I am a 3D animator”.  “Oh…” they sigh as their eyes glaze over with disappointment.

You see most people outside the industry don’t really know what modern animators do. Without tangible hand drawn lines people find it hard to discern where the human ends and the computer begins.  Many assume there is just a big magic button that does everything for us.  There is no magic button!

So that’s what I intend to do with this blog – demystify the process of computer based animation by taking you through the process of making an animated project. And hopefully convince you a long the way that we are just as artistic and disciplined as our ink based ancestors.

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