Now in glorious Technicolor!

Concept Design

Here are the results courtesy of Photoshop. I used layers for each solid colour which I then adjusted using the ‘colour overlay’ mode until I felt I had a nice balance. I then added a shadow and a highlight layer which I blended with the transparency settings. One advantage in the digital world is nothing is permanent so you can experiment for as long as you like, however that is enough tinkering for just now. Now let’s find my paint box and do this the old fashioned way…

Rockpool Colour Digital

Don’t go over the lines!

Animation, Concept Design, Illustration

Below is an illustration for an animation project I am developing, it is influenced by many childhood memories of holidays gazing into rockpools on the west coast of Scotland. I have drawn the illustration by hand and then scanned in to my computer on my rather ancient flatbed scanner – I think it actually might be from the late nineties, so people would describe it as ‘vintage’ these days. My plan is to colour it in digitally (Photoshop) and then by ‘analogue’ means (watercolours) and compare the results. Now all I need to do is wipe the crumbs from my tablet and get started…

Rockpool B&W

Whittling Away…


Am I finished? That’s always a difficult question because the problem with computer based animation is you can keep on tweaking until your heart’s content, or as long as you need to scratch that damn itch, depending on your temperament.  There are lots of things I’d still like to add, some flowers in the meadow, some trees in the background, some clouds in the sky… hmm, we’ll see how I feel in a couple of days…

A Mighty Wind


Here is my first animation test! It is a little rough at the moment and certainly needs tweaking, but it gives a good impression of where the animation is heading.  I am working in Cinema 4D.  I am using Mograph to generate the leaves and bend deformers to rattle the tree, ladder and swing which I have rigged together with xpresso.  Next step is to smooth out the animation and then add further detail to the background and foreground.