Medieval Pixel Art

Concept Design




This is an unused design for a recent animation pitch I was working on.  It was going to be a tapestry style animation, which I think could have been quite intriguing. However, the idea was eventually ditch for something a bit more conventional. I would quite like to explore this concept again in the future, as the style is also reminiscent of 80s/90s computer game pixel art, which I am also a fan of.


Cereal Imp

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I decided to get my acrylics out of storage, which I haven’t used in years, to work on a character concept for a short film.  He is, I suppose, a nightmarish cousin of Snap, Crackle and Pop.  I am working on a cereal name though.  Current frontrunners are ‘Fearios’ or ‘Mysterios’.  I imagine they would be yellow, black and green hoops, that would turn the milk a swampy toxic green.  Yum!


Sunken Village

Concept Design, Illustration

Here is a rough sketch for the next illustration I’m planning. I’m still trying to adjust the tone and layout before I progress. I’m thinking about removing the looming shadow of the church at the back and darkening the diver to emphasise his shape and make him more prominent in the image. I am also thinking about curling the shoal of fish around him more rather than spiralling upwards. Any thoughts?

Sunken Village

Now in glorious Technicolor!

Concept Design

Here are the results courtesy of Photoshop. I used layers for each solid colour which I then adjusted using the ‘colour overlay’ mode until I felt I had a nice balance. I then added a shadow and a highlight layer which I blended with the transparency settings. One advantage in the digital world is nothing is permanent so you can experiment for as long as you like, however that is enough tinkering for just now. Now let’s find my paint box and do this the old fashioned way…

Rockpool Colour Digital

Don’t go over the lines!

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Below is an illustration for an animation project I am developing, it is influenced by many childhood memories of holidays gazing into rockpools on the west coast of Scotland. I have drawn the illustration by hand and then scanned in to my computer on my rather ancient flatbed scanner – I think it actually might be from the late nineties, so people would describe it as ‘vintage’ these days. My plan is to colour it in digitally (Photoshop) and then by ‘analogue’ means (watercolours) and compare the results. Now all I need to do is wipe the crumbs from my tablet and get started…

Rockpool B&W

An Endless Summer

Concept Design

My next step is to focus on the tone of this scene. So I first collected some reference images and curated a mood board on pinterest, you can have look at it here if you like. I then made a collection of swatches and started colouring in my scene until I found a pleasing balance of tone and colour.  Here is where I am at the moment, I still feel it need some tinkering though.