A brief glimpse at the strange menagerie of characters I have been lucky enough to animate: Whales, robots, microscopic germs and dour Scottish ministers.


Motion Graphics

I have worked on a diverse range of projects: including virals, adverts and TV title sequences.


City Beautiful

I shot, edited, produced and animated this music video for Edinburgh based singer/songwriter Simon Kempston.  It was recently shortlisted in the Edinburgh International Film Festival’s Short Film Challenge.

Invisible Nasties

I recently performed in four one minutes virals for Colgate.  Well, the character I was animating did, which was a manic blob of bacteria called Baxter who has a gruesome green tongue which flaps uncontrollably in his mouth. I am a method animator so remained in character for the entire project.

Bitesize Shakespeare

The Bard’s work as you have never seen it before.  The Tempest as a day glo nineties rave, The Merchant of Venice as a camp space opera and Richard III as an eight bit computer game.


This was a slightly nostalgic project for me as I used to incessantly doodle in my school jotters, I never thought this absent pastime would actually come in useful one day.

High Maintenance

This film was produced at the Berlin Talent Campus.  I wrote the script and Philip Van directed.  Our film went on to win 12 film festival awards, it screened at Cannes, Sundance, Telluride and Seattle and won a student Oscar in L.A.

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