Unfinished Work


So here is something I made a few years ago, and for various reasons – not all within my control – never finished.  It is an episode for an animated web series developed by Once Were Farmers called Terrafamer. You can watch the pilot here. The series was about a grumpy old spaceman and his inept robot sidekick trying to transform an arid planet into an idylic farm. The episodes were supposed to be 90 seconds long and all had to end the same way: with the big red button being thumped on the robot’s chest which activates his self-destruct mechanism. I wrote about six episodes for the series, I liked the concept, but I thought the mandatory ending was limiting.  This was the only episode I started animating, but alas, never finished.

The darkest hour…

Animation, Film, VFX

At last I can see a glimmer of light on the horizon… because it is almost here! After many thousands of mouse clicks my music video for this mysterious stranger, is ever-so-almost-nearly-just-about-finally finished! Here’s the stats: Four minutes of green screen, 6000 rendered frames of animation, 45 composited shots, one man, one guitar and one park bench…


The hills are bare now…

Animation, Film, VFX

Here is a link to an ambitious project I worked on with Glasgow based animation studio Once Were Farmers.  It is a new docudrama about the Battle of Bannockburn which is to be screened tomorrow night on BBC 2 to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the memorable stramash (and also I expect to further muddy the waters of the referendum debate).  We shot 70 infantry and five cavalry on a green screen the size of a truck which we transformed into thousands using our usual digital jiggery-pokery.  We created swooping vistas, gushing fountains of blood, burning tents and fields of slaughtered soldiers, all on a very modest budget.

Quest for Bannockburn

Whittling Away…


Am I finished? That’s always a difficult question because the problem with computer based animation is you can keep on tweaking until your heart’s content, or as long as you need to scratch that damn itch, depending on your temperament.  There are lots of things I’d still like to add, some flowers in the meadow, some trees in the background, some clouds in the sky… hmm, we’ll see how I feel in a couple of days…

A Mighty Wind


Here is my first animation test! It is a little rough at the moment and certainly needs tweaking, but it gives a good impression of where the animation is heading.  I am working in Cinema 4D.  I am using Mograph to generate the leaves and bend deformers to rattle the tree, ladder and swing which I have rigged together with xpresso.  Next step is to smooth out the animation and then add further detail to the background and foreground.