Medieval Pixel Art

Concept Design




This is an unused design for a recent animation pitch I was working on.  It was going to be a tapestry style animation, which I think could have been quite intriguing. However, the idea was eventually ditch for something a bit more conventional. I would quite like to explore this concept again in the future, as the style is also reminiscent of 80s/90s computer game pixel art, which I am also a fan of.


Cereal Imp

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I decided to get my acrylics out of storage, which I haven’t used in years, to work on a character concept for a short film.  He is, I suppose, a nightmarish cousin of Snap, Crackle and Pop.  I am working on a cereal name though.  Current frontrunners are ‘Fearios’ or ‘Mysterios’.  I imagine they would be yellow, black and green hoops, that would turn the milk a swampy toxic green.  Yum!


You and I Must Remember This

Film, Music Video

The dark nights are closing in, but here is a chance to savour the last few rays of summer  light captured in my second collaboration with Edinburgh folk musician Simon Kempston.  It is the official music video for his current album The Last Car.  This video was shot almost entirely in East Lothian in Scotland.

Golden Hour Over East Lothian

Music Video

Simon Kempston and I have been chasing that elusive warm evening light over the hills, fields and beaches of East Lothian for a couple of months now.  We both had busy schedules so we had to snatch those magical golden evenings when we could.  Living in Scotland, with its capricious weather, it was at times a frantic task.  But luckily, with the nights closing in, we have finished our shoot and almost ready to release our second collaboration together…

You and I Must Remember